Corpse Party Is Getting A 2021 Upgrade

​​​​​​​Halloween Starts Early This Year; Corpse Party is coming to PC and Consoles on Oct. 20th. Featuring new story content and improvements

If you’re a big fan of the horror genre like I am, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Corpse Party at some point in your life.

Corpse Party is a survival horror adventure game that’s become a cult classic amongst horror circles.

My first experience with Corpse Party was sometime in 2013, I first watched a playthrough of it and loved the game from there on. It’s exciting to see a remake for this game.

Based on the original game, Corpse Party (2021) has been updated for the next generation of horror fans while retaining its 16-bit charm. In addition to the five main story chapters, each with multiple gruesome endings, the title features 16 “Extra Chapters” expanding the series’ lore, characters, and relationships, including two brand-new episodes introducing new characters with intriguing roles to play. The “Extra Chapters” included in this release are also fully voiced in Japanese for the first time in the West.

Personally, I can’t wait to play it. Owners of the original Corpse Party can purchase the new game with a 25% discount.

I’m excited to try out this remake, and will hopefully have a review out for all of our readers!

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