The Epic Games Store is Revamping Their Achievements

Achievements. We all know em. Some of them are fun challenges giving a game more replay value. Some of them are impossible tasks that’ll make you rip your hair out.

Regardless of your view on achievements, chances are you’ve come across them at least once. Whether you’re a completionist or just a casual player, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and look at all you’ve accomplished.

Despite all of that, the Epic Games’ previous implementation was quite weak. The store had a system in place previously, named “developer achievements”, however that system relied on game developers to handle the achievements and storing them. Epic’s new implementation will function more to other platforms where the store does the heavy lifting for you.

Additionally, Epic’s new system will have each achievement grant XP for the user.  It’s currently unknown whether this XP will have any more value than just increasing a number on your profile, ala Xbox Gamerscore. We don’t know if Epic is going to be deciding the achievement quality for developers or if they’re going to be set by the developer just yet, but we will update this page once we have more information.

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