Far Cry 6 Review

In Far Cry 6, players will experience the intense guerrilla combat in Yara, where they will join a local resistance fighter named Dani Rojas to fight the oppressive regime of Antón Castillo – played by Giancarlo Esposito.
As Dani, players will use various weapons and vehicles to unite a revolutionary uprising against the dictator.

Far Cry 6 manages to capture Giancarlo Esposito as a great villian and dictator in it’s fictional tropical island of Yara.

There are plently of beaches and locals doing their own things in the world that it makes it feel alive and populated. 

You can hear music blasting from homes, streets and cars and it makes the island feel very upbeat.

You choose between male or female versions of the playable character Dani Rojas. Dani is an orphan born in the mud streets of Yara, who learned to fight for their survival and was ultimately forcefully conscripted into Antón’s military ranks.

You start as the new recruit and build your reputation up in the Guerilla resistance you inexplicably find yourself into and as most of the start off, she questions her involvement in this revolution at the beginning, before realizing the pain and suffering of the Yarans as well as Antón’s own son Diego.

Like any other Far Cry game, you grapple. parachute and climb your way around Yara or use one of it’s many vehicles and horses which you can now ride.

One of the biggest new additions this time around is a weapon they call the “Supremo” which is basically a backpack that shoots missiles. 

As you play along you get to upgrade that Supremo to shoot poison gas, fire or even let you fly for a brief period of time.

There are other silly weapons included in the game like a CD Launcher that blasts Macarena while you shoot your foes to death, or if you prefer to go quiet you can always choose to go with a trusty old Nail Gun. 

It is your choice wheter you want to go guns and Supremo blazing or go stealth and eliminate all your foes without them even realizing what’s going on.

Now unlike Far Cry 5, there are no humans that you can recruit to follow you around and help you on your missions. Instead they’ve traded humans for animals.

Your so called “Amigos” are all various animals that you can call for help, like this cute and lovable dog Chorizo, or a killer, yet equally lovable crocodile named Guapo(though he might want to bite you more than Chorizo does).

As well as your Amigos, you can also pet most animals in the game, including wild dogs, wild horses, your compatriot crocodile and doggy and more.

A few sections of the game have you run around in third person, including your Guerilla camp or certain missions and it’s a first for a Far Cry game to include a third person mode, even if locked only inside the camp.

Ultimately your Guerilla rebellion has you take down each section of the map’s bad guy until you reach the dictator himself Antón Castillo with plots and twists along the way.

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5 thoughts on “Far Cry 6 Review

  1. So a simple port with poor performance. I think I will keep my money for something else if it doesn’t become polished and smooth inside a month. I am NOT going to reward a 2nd rate rushjob with my hard earned cash.

  2. Sounds typical, but interesting. Keep testing, dudes. I will download it later, when it’s finished. Thanks in advance lol

    1. We are currently doing some more testing on these issues, we’ve also found various graphical issues and texture streaming issues present in the game as well, especially on Nvidia GPUs. We will update the article when we have some more information to share. Thank you for the kind comment.

      1. No problem. That’s very interesting though. Kill all the underbosses before you will be able to kill main bad guy and graphical glitches-it’s exactly Mafia 3. Made by different studio 5 years ago, looks like nothing changed for these 5 years in the games development. Mafia 3 glitches were quite funny. I have a good feeling about this 🙂 Though if they fix the game, there still remains Just Cause/Mafia 3 type of gameplay, so anyway it’s win-win situation for me.

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