Grand Theft Auto Remastered Logos Leak

On October 5th, 2021, a GTAForums user posted a set of 3 images pertaining to logos of the rumored Grand Theft Auto remastered series of games coming from Rockstar Games.

This remaster has been rumor for a long time but no substantial evidence has been leaked until now.

Here at Gamer’s Gospel we believe in diving in to find the best information for all of our readers, and after conducting our investigation we can 100% verify these images are real.

The most damming factor is where the images are hosted. Before they were taken down, the images were hosted at this domain name. is Rockstar Games’ official CDN for it’s social club client. The chances of someone uploading a fake image to Rockstar’s official CDN is very, very low. This and the fact that the image was taken down almost instantly after the news spread does give a fair amount of credibility to this leak, to the point where we can confidently say it’s real.

The Grand Theft Auto Remasters are rumored to be running on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, although we haven’t seen any evidence to compound this rumor yet, so take it with a grain of salt.

Additionally, these images are the first mention of the remasters true names. “The Definitive Edition.” Many fans are also noticing that the iconic line underneath the Vice City logo is seemingly gone.


What this means for the series is unknown, many (including myself) are excited for these games, but would much rather see Rockstar create new things rather than remaster old.

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