Persona 5 Royal PC Port Possibly Leaked

UPDATE: The website seems to have fixed their mistake, as it now says Persona 5 Strikers instead of Persona 5 Royal, so it may have been a typo after all and not a leaked PC port of Persona 5 Royal.

We at Gamer’s Gospel spotted that on Atlus’ rewards page for their annual Halloween event, one of the rewards mentioned:

One (1) digital code for Persona 5 Royal;

  • Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, or PC

Now of course there’s the possibility of a typo, but considering they still haven’t fixed it, it seems doubtful and we should expect a Persona 5 Royal port for PC in the future.

Furthermore their rather cheeky worded tweet about the situation further implies that the PC port is more reality than fiction. For all of us PC gamers out there, we hope to play Persona 5 Royal on our computers one day.

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