Sony Lets US Residents Register To Buy PS5

Trying to get a Playstation 5 for the holiday season? Worried about queue times, bots, and other factors lowering your chances of getting a PS5 console? Well fear no longer, Sony has a solution for you.

Sony launched a landing page for people interested in buying for the holiday season. Sony claims to have a “limited amount of PS5 Consoles available for customers in the US to purchase direct from PlayStation.”

If you’re interested in getting a PS5, you should probably fill the form in as soon as possible to get a chance at getting the console. However, the process won’t be based on a first-come first-serve basis like many other retailers. Instead, Sony claims invites will be sent “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.”

We’re unsure what Sony exactly means by that, but perhaps it’ll award people who are active PlayStation users rather than scalpers. As we approach the holiday season, console restocks are getting rarer and rarer as retailers and console manufacturers prepare for the chaos of the holiday season.

If you’re interested in getting a PlayStation 5, now’s the best time to do so, for convenience sake here’s the link once more.

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