Valve reveals internals and teardown of the Steam Deck

Just today gaming giant Valve Software has posted a YouTube video of them completely disassembling and tearing down their new portable video game console, the Steam Deck.

The video showcases the internals of the console and demonstrates how buyers can repair it and upgrade it.

A notable inclusion is that of the M.2 SSD slot which will allow the end user to buy any hard drive they want. A strong contrast to Sony and Microsoft’s strategy of selling proprietary hard drives.

Another notable statement in the video is that the screws on the Steam Deck are self-tapping screws, which can be easily stripped or over-screwed if not careful.


Another thing mentioned in the video is the fact that the Steam Deck’s warranty doesn’t cover damage inflicted by the user if they open up the console. It’s important to be aware of that if you do decide to take apart your Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck is available to purchase from Valve, with a starting cost of 399$ / 349£

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