Ubisoft Might Have Leaked Rainbow Six Extraction’s Release Date

Rainbow Six Extraction lets you choose from 18 Rainbow Six operators to take on alien archæans over 12 maps set across the United States, including New York and San Francisco.

Rainbow Six Extraction was given a release date of September 16 at E3 earlier this year. That was then pushed to January 2022, though without a specific date given.

Our friends over at VGC pointed out that Ubisoft’s own blog post has been updated with a new release date of January 20, which previously showed September 16 as it’s release date.

Rainbow Six Extraction has changed it’s name a few times now, having previously been named Rainbow Six Parasite, then Rainbow Six Quarantine(with today’s situation I can see why the scrapped that name) and ultimately settled on it’s current name.

The game will release on the Ubisoft Store, Epic Games Store, Stadia and as part of their Ubisoft+ subscription.

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