War Thunder Players Leak Classified Military Documents (Again)

For the second time, a War Thunder player has decided to leak military government documents onto the game’s forum.

War Thunder is a vehicular combat multiplayer game. A big part of its appeal is its realism factor. The developers pride themselves on the realism of the vehicles and combat, and encouraged players to submit documents showing specifications of military vehicles.

Now the thing is, that was all well and good because War Thunder used to only have vehicles from World War 2 and before, and documents pertaining to these have been declassified long ago. But over the past year, they’ve begun introducing more and more modern vehicles to make the game more interesting.

You can probably see the issue that’s starting to form with adding modern vehicles into a game that used to heavily encourage player-submitted documentation.

This has brought issues upon Gaijin Entertainment, developers of War Thunder twice now. Can you think of any other game that’s caused its players to leak classified documents?

The First Time

In July of this year, a War Thunder forums user by the name of Fear_Naught posted his thoughts about the Challenger 2 tank to the forums.

“As I’ve stated a fair few times now, the complexity of the construction is sometimes difficult to see/show with pictures,” Fear_Naught wrote on July 14. “It is so complex in [the Challenger 2’s] case that I don’t completely blame Gaijin from getting it incorrect. All I try to do is point out the areas where they are incorrect.”

In attachment to the above post, Fear_Naught, who members of the forum believe to be a commander in the Royal Tank Regiment of the United Kingdom, uploaded a document. He uploaded screenshots who he claimed to be from the AESP, or the United Kingdom’s Army Equipment Support Publication, for the Challenger 2 tank.

Almost immediately after, the United Kingdom’s Department of Defense got involved and made Gaijin delete the post in question.

The Challenger 2 Tank.

As much as I think this situation is hilarious and I would love to show all of our readers screenshots of this document, sadly this isn’t WikiLeaks and I don’t think we could get away with that.

But I think the craziest part out of all this is that… well… it happened again.

The Second Time

Just yesterday… it happened again.

Yep, a War Thunder player thought it was a good idea to leak MORE military documents onto the forum. Although this time it was for a different tank.

This latest case starts like all great cases do, an internet argument. Users on the War Thunder forums were arguing about the in-game depiction and realism of France’s Leclerc Main Battle Tank. And of course, like any great civil internet argument, things soon got heated.

The Leclerc Main Battle Tank.

Of course, as we all know, the most logical thing to do in this situation is to leak classified documents explaining how the tank functions.

Just kidding, that’s probably the stupidest thing you can do, but that’s what a War Thunder forum user did.

The user in question uploaded the tank’s manual onto the forum, in an effort to win their internet argument and get Gaijin Entertainment to make the tanks more realistic.

But well… of course that isn’t what happened.

A forum moderator's response to the leaked documents

Pretty soon after, the moderators of the War Thunder forums removed the leak, and purged the conversation.

I think the saddest part of all these leaks, is that Gaijin Entertainment can’t even legally use them to improve their game. Imagine a world where Gaijin Entertainment is sitting on more classified documents than WikiLeaks simply because its community wants the game to be more realistic.

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